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This is a collection of documents about 'XLISP 2.0' as a programming language in general. It is intended to be used together with Nyquist, a language for composition and sound synthesis. It includes the second re-work of the Tim I Mikkelsen 'XLISP Language Reference', linked against the original 'XLISP 2.0 Manual' by David Betz.

Both manuals are linked against each other and intended to be used as 'one' manual. You can jump back and forth from a function description in the 'XLISP Manual' to the description in the 'Language Reference' and vice versa with ease.

The navigation bar at the top and the bottom of each page need some explanation. From the left to right you will find the following links:

During the second re-work of the 'XLISP Language Reference' I have sorted out all functions that were related to 'XLISP 2.1' and 'XLISP Plus'. They can now be found on their own page under XLISP Plus Functions.

I also have sorted out of the 'XLISP 2.0 Manual' all functions added by Nyquist to the XLISP interpreter to an extra page, for just the simple reason that unlike XLISP 2.0, Nyquist still evolves and it is easier to maintain a single page with Nyquist Functions than sixteen [or more] functions spread all over the manual.

Things still to be done and how you can help:

First of all, please note that this is a work in progress and not a final version. There probably still are bugs and quirks that need to be resolved and you can help by writing an e-mail to edgar-rft@web.de if you find some and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

This does not mean that these documents are 'overloaded with bugs' but XLISP was [and is] an experimental language that itself was re-worked several times and most of the time during the last months I was busy with sorting out what really matters out of the manuals I had collected over a period of two and a half years about several XLISP versions and mutations.

In case of doubt I will prefer the Nyquist version of XLISP 2.0 because this is the version I work with most often and the original intention of this document collection was to support the Nyquist manual with better XLISP information.

Also please note that I do not want to change the David Betz manual more than necessary, because I consider it as the most original information source. Instead I whould like to improve the 'XLISP Language Reference' by better explanations and source code examples. I also have not tested really *all* examples with Nyquist yet. If you find bugs please write me an email.

If you have any further ideas or suggestions how these documents can be improved please write to edgar-rft@web.de.

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