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Type:   -   function (subr)
Source:   -   xlisp.c, xlsys.c, msstuff.c


(dribble [file-str])
file-str - a string expression for a file name
returns -  T  if the transcript is opened, NIL if it is closed


The 'dribble' function, when called with a 'file-str' argument, opens the specified file and records a transcript of the XLISP session. When 'dribble' is called with no 'file-str' argument, it closes the current transcript file [if any]. 'dribble' will return  T  if the specified 'file-str' was successfully opened. It will return a NIL if the 'file-str' was not opened successfully or if 'dribble' was evaluated to close a transcript.


(dribble "my-trans-file")  ; open file "my-trans-file"
                           ;   for a session transcript
(+ 2 2)                                 
(dribble)                  ; close the transcript

Note: It is also possible to start a transcript when invoking XLISP. To start XLISP with a transcript file of 'myfile' type in 'xlisp -tmyfile'. [I haven't tested this with Nyquist.]

See the dribble function in the XLISP 2.0 manual.

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