Sound problem on Macintosh after using audacity

  • Hello.

    I used Audacity 1.2.3 on a Macintosh "mac mini" with OS X 10.3.8.
    After editing a sound file, all iLife software (iMovie Version 5.02, iDVD and DVD Player) do not play any sound anymore !?!

    iTunes is still able to play mp3 files...

    - Reboot with complete power off did not help
    - sound output over FireWire to an external camera works, therefore the video project still contains the
    sound track but iMovie seams to have a problem playing it on the internal sound hardware.

    Do you have any idea or solution for this strange behavior ?

    Thank you for any sugestions !

  • Please try the following: If you have Garageband anywhere around: start Garageband, do nothing, close it and check again whether your programs work now. (Garageband removes all audio drivers of other programs). We had a similar problem here in Germany a while ago but i will have to search the archives.

    Another trick is: there are two files in [user]/Library/Preferences/ : "net.sourceforge.audacity.plist" and "audacity preferences". Close Audacity, delete both files in the finder and start audacity again. Don't be worried: Audacity creates these files by itself if they don't exist, it's just like the first start after installation. Deleting these files often solves "mysterious" problems (this trick also works with other programs) Drawback: Audacity now has forgotten everything.

  • Hello Edgar.
    Thank you very much for your responds.
    The trick with garageband works, it's just not very convienient...
    Are the developer of audacity aware of this behavior ? Sounds like a major incompatibility with iLife-products to me.
    Greetings from switzerland :)