Music over Subliminals

  • Although one format will be easier to listen to that way than the other. Masked subliminals use a masking sound to hide the spoken subliminal script audio in, and the masking sound is usually something like the ocean surf, a trickling stream, a rainstorm, etc.

  • If you listen to this song carefully you’ll notice that at first there is a hissing sound and then it breaks into cool sounds that seem to be about a girl, kissing, kissing lips of wine etc. etc…!!! I was in high school and I thought the song was about the feeling you get with a babe…!!! Taking a hit off of her lips would get ya high sort of thinking…!!! But when I was in the Army I got some really bitchin’ stereo equipment and I realized that the intro hissing sound was somebody taking a hit…!!! What’s more, if you listen really close at 3:33 you’ll hear a very faint voice saying “smoke it”…!!! So basically this is a song about smoking dope…!!! It’s not about a babe, it’s all about cannabis sativa…!!! But they don’t mention “it” in the lyrics…!!! So, is that subliminal enough for ya…???