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See also the XLisp 2.0 Documents Collection

Nyquist Reference Manual

Version 2.37

Copyright 2007 by Roger B. Dannenberg

Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, U.S.A.

Download the Nyquist 2.37 Reference Manual:   -  the HTML manual as a zip archive (419kB)
   nyquist-2.37-html.tar.gz   -  the HTML manual as a tar.gz archive (391kB)
   nyquist-2.37-manual.pdf   -  the manual in PDF format (514kB)

See also the XLisp 2.0 Documents Collection - XLisp is the language Nyquist is based on.

The Nyquist homepage is

Please note: The notation in the current Nyquist Reference Manual from the Nyquist homepage at the Carnegie Mellon Universtiy is incompatible to Nyquist in Audacity. Please use the Nyquist 2.37 Manual from the links above if you're working with Nyquist in Audacity.

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