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    WAV files are pretty foolproof, as are MP3s if you don't get an error. If you're seeing a waveform in Audacity you're probably getting a good file, but you just can't play it for some reason. Is it only happening when you open the file in Audacity and play it from there, or does it also happen when you play the file in Windows Media Player.

    Silent Subliminals are messages, which are inaudible to the listener, yet they are perceived by the ear for use by the subconscious mind. To be effective, such signals are transmitted to a target person at a constant, high level of signal strength and should be "decoded" by its brain/ear.

    I’ve used a lot of subliminals and have gotten a lot of results from many different subliminals, including my own. I feel qualified enough to share my subliminal making tips with you all so that your subliminals can be ultra powerful and you feel motivated to start/grow your subliminal channel.

    If you listen to this song carefully you’ll notice that at first there is a hissing sound and then it breaks into cool sounds that seem to be about a girl, kissing, kissing lips of wine etc. etc…!!! I was in high school and I thought the song was about the feeling you get with a babe…!!! Taking a hit off of her lips would get ya high sort of thinking…!!! But when I was in the Army I got some really bitchin’ stereo equipment and I realized that the intro hissing sound was somebody taking a hit…!!! What’s more, if you listen really close at 3:33 you’ll hear a very faint voice saying “smoke it”…!!! So basically this is a song about smoking dope…!!! It’s not about a babe, it’s all about cannabis sativa…!!! But they don’t mention “it” in the lyrics…!!! So, is that subliminal enough for ya…???

    The messages it receives on a daily basis will determine how your life unfolds. This is why it's so important to shield yourself from negativity. Creating your own subliminals is a great way to protect the subconscious from outside influences.